Join us for an inspiring day of talks, interviews and short films with times of worship and prayer.

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"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it." Psalm 24:1


Everything exists to equip individuals to work for the renewal of culture and the flourishing of their communities.



Throughout history, Christians have worked for the flourishing of the world around them by affecting lasting change for their communities.
Everything is committed to continuing this legacy today by equipping people and churches with the skills and tools they need to renew society and the culture of which they are a part, wherever they find themselves.


Everything is for everyone who wants to express their faith and their God given gifts to help their community flourish, to create a better world and to connect with other like-minded individuals.


Through relationships and a combination of events, resources, and retreats, Everything exists to help you identify your contribution to society, equips you to bring about change and provides opportunities to hear from leading experts in your field.


"How can anyone remain interested in a religion which seems to have no concern with nine-tenths of his life?"

- Dorothy Sayers