Everything and the local church


Everything exists to champion the role of the local church and to equip its' members for the work of cultural renewal.

The local church is central to the work of cultural renewal. It gathers a diverse crowd of people every week from every sector of society, who know that positive change is possible because of the change that God has worked in their own lives. It is a community that knows that everything matters to God and so everything matters to them. It's a place where people believe in each other and what they can do, with God’s grace, to make a difference.

It is through our involvement in the church that we are:

  • Able to meet regularly with people from different backgrounds and sectors of society, and dream and plan together about how we may collaborate to work for the flourishing of our community.

  • Able to reflect more deeply on our own sense of calling and contribution to the world.

  • Are sustained through worship, prayer and teaching as we give ourselves to the work of cultural renewal in our world.

  • Are reminded of the importance of the twin priorities of building the church and serving our communities.

Every year we run a retreat for church leaders, to provide support and wisdom for those who are building churches working for cultural, social and spiritual renewal. To find out more, head to our events page. 



“The church [is]… the most uniquely positioned channel of cultural influence... On any given Sunday, leaders from all sectors join together to pray, worship, learn and socialise in one place. Then they are sent out, dispersed to support one another and to work within the sphere of society God has gifted and called them to in order to carry out his restoration work.”

- Gabe Lyons