Everything Conference 2017 Resources


Andy Crouch: The Christian and cultural renewal

Part 01

The keynote speaker for the 2017 conference was Andy Crouch, who is partner for theology and culture at Praxis, a creative engine which supports the renewal of culture. Andy is also an author, public speaker, journalist and musician.

Much of Andy’s writing has involved the call for Christians to take every part of life seriously and consider how they can contribute to the flourishing of their world.

In his first talk Andy explores what it means to work for human flourishing, drawing on the early chapters of Genesis to show us how we should live within the world.


Andy Crouch: The Christian and cultural renewal 

Part 02

“Calling” can often seem to be a mysterious concept. Here Andy cuts through the confusion and shows the three callings that every Christian has and how this affects our work for Him in this world.

Andy Crouch: The Christian and cultural renewal 

Part 03

Andy argues that true excellence is the culmination of skill, patience, risk and suffering and that it is only when we embrace each of these qualities that we will produce something that is likely to be of real service to the world we are part of.

David Stroud: Cultural renewal

What is cultural renewal? In this talk, David Stroud, co-founder of the Everything Conference, shares his vision for cultural renewal and for Everything.

Hannah Thomas, Artist and Peace Activist

Hannah shares experiences from her work with Yazidi women in Kurdistan.

Christian Guy, CEO of Justice and Care UK

Christian shares stories from Justice and Care's work rescuing victims of sex trafficking and slavery.

Harry Baker: Bumble Bee

Spoken word artist Harry Baker performs the first of two poems performed for Everything Conference 2017, called 'Bumble Bee'.

Harry Baker: Maybe

Harry Baker performs 'Maybe', his second poem performed for the Everything Conference 2017.

Nims Obunge MBE, Pastor and CEO

Philippa Stroud interviews Nims about his church's impact in the community and with local leaders, tackling violence and crime on the streets of London.

David Akinlyui, Former Captain of the Nigerian Rugby Team

David shares the highs, lows and risks from his rugby career.

Brin Sherratt, Opera Singer

Brin shares about the need for vulnerability, hard work and authenticity in his opera career and performs a song from La Sonnambula.