Everything Conference 2019
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Everything Conference 2019

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The Everything Conference is open to everybody - if you're interested in finding out how to use your particular skills for the benefit of your community, we'd love to see you there. 

Alongside times of prayer and worship, we will be hearing throughout the day from special guests, in talks, interviews and short films, about how they are renewing culture in different cities and different industries around the world in remarkable and inspirational ways. 

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David Stroud

Co-founder of Everything, David Stroud, leads Christ Church London, a church that works for the cultural, social and spiritual renewal of the capital, and has a passion to equip people to work effectively for the cultural renewal of their communities.

Philippa Stroud

Co-founder of Everything, Philippa Stroud, has devoted much of her life to tackling poverty and social breakdown in the UK, and will be giving a keynote talk at this year’s conference. Philippa is the Chief Executive of the Legatum Institute, and formerly Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and to the former Prime Minister. She serves as a life peer in the House of Lords.

Dirk Paterson.jpg
Dirk Paterson

Dirk Paterson is the founding director of The Corporate Comms Shop, a management business specialising in communications, public policy and public relations. Dirk is passionate about ethics in public policy and recently founded the group Public Faith which aims to help public affairs professionals bring Christ centred values to their profession.

Rachael Coulson.jpg
Rachael Coulson

Rachael is Commercial Director of the Luminary Bakery, a social enterprise empowering the UK's most disadvantaged women to reach their potential through training, employment and support. Rachael is passionate about seeing social change across the UK and, in particular, how businesses and employment play key roles in unlocking opportunities and being redemptive in situations of injustice.

Jedidiah Francis

Jedidiah Francis wants to change the way business approaches artificial intelligence. He founded the data science team at fashion retailer ASOS and spearheaded their use of algorithms to provide personalised recommendations to customers. He is now the founder and CEO of Jed.ai and will be sharing how artificial intelligence could be a blessing rather than a threat in the world of business.

Davina Belcher

Davina is headteacher in an inner-city south London school. Although she faces daily challenge, with every challenge comes opportunity to show something of God's love. She will be sharing some of her experiences with us at this year’s Conference.

James Haslam.jpg
Dr James Haslam

James is a Consultant in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine. James led the team who cared for the critically ill patients during the Salisbury Nerve Agent Incident. He will be talking about how his faith and interests in challenging medicine and ethics played a role at the centre of this major incident, one of the longest in NHS history.

Julia Immonen 

Julia is a double Guinness World Record Ocean Rower with a remarkable story of how she overcame extraordinary odds to row across the Atlantic Ocean. After a 12 year career with Sky Sports News, Julia now helps to rescue victims from slavery, through her work with Justice and Care, bringing to justice the criminal networks involved as she works to spark systemic change.

Nikki Marfleet 

Nikki is currently Governor at HMP Woodhill, a high security prison, leading a team of around 800 staff and agency workers. Nikki has thought deeply about how her faith informs her leadership as she works in difficult and challenging situations.

Tim Pilkington.jpg
Tim Pilkington

Tim is the chief executive of World Vision UK that works amongst the poorest communities in the world. World Vision meet them at their point of need and work to lift them out of poverty. Tim will be giving us a whirlwind briefing on the state of global poverty and what role we can play to make a difference.

Will Van Der Hart.jpg
Will Van Der Hart

Having been caught up in the 7/7 London terrorist bombings Rev Will Van Der Hart understands at first hand the devastating impact of acute anxiety and the stigma surrounding issues of mental health. As well as Pastoral Chaplain at HTB London, Will is the co-founder of 'Mind and Soul' a mental and emotional health think tank with international reach that is bridging the gap between Christianity and mental health issues. Will has also written a number of books, most notably The Worry Book.

Paul Coleridge.jpg
Sir Paul Coleridge

Paul Coleridge was appointed a High Court judge in 2000 after 30 years as a family law specialist barrister, dealing with complex cases of family break up. In 2012 he founded the Marriage Foundation with a vision to see more people forming healthy stable relationships and fewer families breaking down.

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